Couple Photoshoot in Hoi An

1, Photographing couple on the romantic Hoai river

Couple photoshoot in Hoi An. The scene on the pier under the boat along the banks of the Hoai River is a typical feature reminiscent of visitors to each visit to Hoi An. This is a favorite place for many domestic and foreign tourists. Hoai River is a branch of the Thu Bon River flowing smoothly in the heart of the old town, as embellishing the rustic simplicity of people here. The gentle beauty of the river makes the hearts of people strangely peaceful. Especially on the full moon days, before sunset, the two rivers, all the roads leading to the old town were sparkling with the light of the flower.

Therefore, couples often hire small boats to make photos, couples in colorful long dresses standing on the small boat. Boat slowly floating in the middle of the sightseeing line, and have just taken photos. What could be more wonderful than sitting on a small boat shimmering in the yellow color between the romantic scenery and the two of you kissing each other. This is a very romantic idea for you to mark this place in the couple photo.

Couple photoshoot

2, Take a photo of a couple at the lantern street

Lanterns are a feature of Hoi An. It can be said that throughout Vietnam, there are no many beautiful and impressive lanterns like here. People hang colorful lanterns all over the porch, villages … giving Hoi An a very unique beauty. This is not only a lighting item but it is much more than that, a part of the soul of the land of Hoi An. In particular, Hoi An is most beautiful especially on the full moon nights, when the streets have lights up. Couples seem lost in a fairytale country, the couples should choose this time to make a Couple photoshoot.

Couple photoshoot

Couples can together come up with the idea of wedding photography with colorful lanterns is nothing more beautiful.

Couple photoshoot

3, Cua Dai and An Bang beach

Create an album Couple photoshoot together to mark the beautiful images, frolic on the beach. Sitting on the cliff watching the waves, exchanging passionate looks, leaning on each other’s shoulders as protection. Or simply the pictures of the moment when the two are dancing and drawing together on the sand. They are also very romantic.

Couple photoshoot

4, Take Couple photoshoot in the old town in peaceful morning

If you love the classic style, simple and romantic. The walking streets in the heart of Hoi An ancient town is a place for everyone.
Early in the morning, all activities have not started, the streets are sparse, the shop is not yet open. The couple photos in a peaceful setting will be very special.

Couple photoshoot

5, Ancient House – Ancient Assembly Hall

Time covered ancient house walls, mossy alleys, curved tiled roofs, colorful paper trusses in front of the meeting room.

Perform a photo in an old house in a peaceful morning. That reminds a quiet and solemn recurrence of the past of grandparents and parents with a simple but sustainable love. How many worries tired of life left behind feeling in peace, strangely serene. All these simple things will create a nostalgic and artistic Couple photoshoot album.

Couple photoshoot

6, Japanese Covered Bridge

Japanese Covered Bridge – a unique architecture in the heart of the old town. It is a place when couples want to take Couple photoshoot in Hoi An.

Cau Pagoda is 18 m long, Architects design and build with bold oriental features. Covered Bridge imprints the time, mossy roof tiles illuminate the water ball.

Quang people have a message to the tourists from far away: “Whoever comes back from Quang land remember to visit the Assembly Hall, remember to go to Cau Pagoda”.

Couples who love history, can choose Cau Pagoda as the ideal venue for couple photos.

Couple photoshoot

If you intend to take Couple photoshoot or Family photos in Hoi An, couples should refer to the selection of the 6 famous places above.

If you have plenty of time and want more styles in your couple photo album, you can come to Danang not far from Hoi An only about 30 minutes by car.