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Hoian and Danang are great for travel and family photography. In recent times Hoian is world famous and world-class. Many people come to relax and take in the magnificent views of Danang, and the old quarter of Hoian city. Christine’s family, too, they choose to stay at a resort near Hoian. And they need a local photographer to record their memories here through photos.

Photos the family is so important, now you can post on Facebook or Instagram, but it will make sense in 10 or 30 years when you look back on. It really makes sense to me a professional photographer. My family photography is always aware of what the members’ feelings are together, that’s true is amazing. I often take photos of families with 3 to 4 sets of photos every week from all over the world. I love my job telling me to meet interesting people at Hoian. And I memorized all the roads of the beautiful streets, riverside and lanterns, everything will be my guide but a tour guide so. My photography work is like a walk of mine, it is all interesting and lively. So I love it just like I love the products I will make for you.

Family photography locations

Naman Retreat is a harmonious combination between Vietnam’s heritage and timeless culture and the elegance of contemporary architecture. Impressed by traditional bamboo architecture, sophistication in interior decoration and hospitality of Vietnamese people, Naman Retreat is confident to bring you a wonderful resort experience. Family photography here is great.

Naman Retreat – the perfect retreat for those who desire to find a unique and unique way to wake up their own senses. We blur the line between relaxation and spa treatments, providing a comfortable living space with opportunities to calm the mind, heal the body and refresh the soul. Naman Retreat inspires inspiration, brings innovation and enriches your own life.

The set of photos below was taken at Naman Danang Resort, a large resort located between Hoian and Danang.

Family photography

See more photos of the family in Hoi An here.

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