Hoi an photography

Henry’s family came from beautiful Australia, they went to Hoi An to travel. They searched on google for the keyword “Hoi an photography“, and they found me. Before the family photo shoot was two rainy days, but this morning it was very beautiful and they had a street trip to enjoy the interesting life of the people here, a lovely old town. I had the opportunity to save the moment of this wonderful family.

Places of Hoi An photography

Japanese Covered Bridge

Located on a bridge spanning a small creek in the heart of the ancient town of Hoi An, Cau Pagoda is always a destination on the list of certain must-check-in by young people. With a unique architecture, ancient, wooden frames painted eye-catching lipstick and elaborate carvings, the temple face opens up a view of open space … all creating many ideal angles for Hoi An photography to look great.


In photos of Hoi an photography always have pictures of small alleys. Old town does not lack small alleys with a width just enough for two people to walk. This seemingly simple virtual living corner is a unique check-in point, attracting many young people and foreign tourists.

Paper flower frame

It would be flawed if your trip to Hoi An forgot the image of paper flower frame. Paper flowers are also one of the impressive beauty of Hoi An. Along the two sides of the road, from a small alley, on mossy walls, on ancient tile roofs or next to porches, shops, cafes, and colorful flowered trellises appear everywhere like bowl. Add to the poetic beauty typical of Hoi An.

Golden Wall

No need to look far, the golden wall surrounding the old town can also become a virtual live wallpaper, creating perfect and beautiful photos of Hoi An photography. The yellow walls, covered with ancient moss, are also one of the features bearing the “brand” in the ancient town of Hoi An.

Hoi an photography

Hoi an photography

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