Location to take family photos

Choonta’s family are from Singapore. They came to Da Nang to travel before the birth of the baby and accompanied Choonta’s parents. The family is very friendly and cute. We had a fun family photo shoot. They choose Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa as a place to rest and take family photos.

Hyatt resort is located on a romantic beach with white sand and tranquility. This is the ideal place to explore the exotic beauty of the central city of Vietnam on any occasion, from meetings to memorable family events or vacations.

Vietnam is a famous country with many beautiful beaches. Therefore, family members should take advantage of this to have beautiful dream shoots in the vast space of the sky, white clouds, yellow sunshine and the smooth blue sea.

Trends of family photos

Taking family photos with the desire to save the best memories and emotions is becoming a trend of many families today. Not just limited to indoor spaces at the studio with traditional photo styles, families are more diverse and richer than different shooting spaces such as outdoor family photography. In which family photography in the sea is quite a lot of families prefer and choose.

Ideas for family photos

Family members need to exchange ideas to be able to combine ideas during the shoot. Moreover, you also need to sit down with the photographer, to show them your ideas. So they can advise more or understand more about your wishes to help create the most satisfactory set of family photos.

Your family will feel so idyllic when holding hands walking on the white sand. With the idea of family photography in this sea, you will get extremely natural photo shoot. The scene of a family frolicking in the sea speaks of the normal daily life. The scene of happy jokes with parents and children creates a beautiful picture.

When the whole family look to one side and take family photoshoots This will be a beautiful and memorable moment, creating a feeling of warmth, comfort and peace with your family.

Choose when to take family photos

The beautiful time of day to take photos is sunrise and sunset. Because the scenery of the light colors, the colors of the sea and the sun make for a beautiful scenery. Under the fanciful setting of the light of dawn, bringing the feeling of life and love. This is also a moment to help the photographer take the most satisfactory family photos.

Choose clothes when taking family photos

Regarding colors, you should also pay attention to the choice of uniform, harmonious costume colors among family members together. Costumes are comfortable, not restrictive, usually comfortable clothes, convenient to fit between going out and taking photos. These family photos will show joy, youthfulness and comfort. So to choose the right outfit for family photos, you need to pay attention to the seemingly small but decisive factors. It is important for each member to choose clothes that are suitable for their body, personal preferences but not too different in color compared to the other members.

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