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Hiroko’s family from Japan, they have two very cute daughters. They choose Hoi An as their destination of travel. They look for a local photographer to take a family photo set. Hiroko is also a photographer and I am so happy to be able to take photos for the Hikoro family.

Hoi An Ancient Town – Images of local photographer

Hoi An is a beautiful ancient city located next to the peaceful and poetic Thu Bon stream. This is always an interesting and attractive destination for tourists. Traveling to Hoi An is not only Hoi An street with ancient architecture, dishes with bold culture and traditional identity. But here are many other famous tourist attractions.

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge is the most famous and attractive destination in Hoi An. Local photographer captured beautiful shimmering images of Cau Pagoda. In the fall, Hoi An usually organizes lantern festivals. Cau Pagoda becomes an ideal destination for those who want to explore Hoi An. This place is also a symbol of ancient and beautiful Hoi An.

Ancient house

Tan Ky ancient house of nearly 200 years old is one of the famous destinations in Hoi An that attracts tourists. Tan Ky ancient house have many unique architectural style divided into many small compartments and each with different functions. This is one of the oldest houses in Hoi An.


The characteristic of Hoi An is the lantern, when the night falls, people light lanterns shimmer and brilliance. People here hang lanterns all over the aisle, decorated in front of and in many shops and shops. lanterns illuminate the old town and bring a dazzling beauty as well as bring many very impressive photos by local photographer.

Paper flower

If you come to Hoi An, you will find it is full of paper flower rigs. Not only providing shade, but also a typical feature of Hoi An, these paper flower rigs also contribute to the splendor and flexibility of this old quarter. And when they combined with the deep saffron yellow of the walls, it seemed even more dazzling. So, local photographer have the opportunity to take beautiful photos in Hoi An. Photos of confetti are also in the photos of Local photographer.


The narrow, long alleys and surrounded by gold ledges or mossy walls are the unmistakable characteristic of Hoi An. Local photographer have saved this imprint of Hoi An in their photographs.

Local photographer

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