Family photoshoot danang

Photographer took family photoshoot danang on a beautiful morning at Naman Retreat-Vietnam.Eason’s family is a small family with a beach and a view of the resort is wonderful. We have a morning full of laughter.

Family photoshoot danang location

You know Da Nang is a city with the most beautiful beach on the planet, located near Hoi An, a world cultural heritage. So visitors to Hoi An are necessary to go to Danang as the first place. With the location on the beautiful coast, here are many beautiful hotels and resorts. And Naman Retreat is such a place, I have taken many pictures for many families to come here to rest. What makes the difference of Naman Retreat is the unique architecture combining modern and ancient. The works at Naman Retreat create small alleys with a simple style close to the village of Vietnam but still exude modernity. Naman Retreat has a unique architecture with shapes of bamboo and stone. Architects use thoroughly natural materials to bring about a new experience. This place deserves to be named as one of the most beautiful resorts in the world.

I am a photographer specializing in family photography for more than 5 years. I work in Da Nang and Hoi An, I was born and raised here, I love this place. And I took these photos for a small family from Hong Kong. This is one of the family photos in Danang at my favorite Naman Retreat resort. Cherry’s beautiful smile, innocent around Dad and Her mother, they are a happy family and love each other. And I hoping my pictures will be good memories when they come to Vietnam. You can see more pictures of my family taken in Hoi An. Mostly I take photo in the street because it is very nice here, please click on the link: HOI AN FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY

Family photoshoot danang

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