Hoian photographer – Claire’ family from Australia

hoian photographer

Hoian photographer

Claire and her family sold Australian houses to travel within 1 year around the world, interestingly, in November 2017 they went to Hoian, and I had the opportunity to take photos for their families, a wonderful family with exciting adventures, we had a fun photo shoot and interesting stories.

You can see their journey here

Hoian is very beautiful, anyone who has been here can feel it. This beauty you have to feel slowly, feel the yellow of the walls, the red of the lanterns. An old town is kept almost intact with more than 1,000 architectural monuments from streets, houses, meeting halls, temples, pagodas, … to traditional dishes, the soul of the people here. Coming to Hoian, visitors will be captivated by the timeless beauty, extremely rustic and idyllic. For beautiful photos, contact the Hoian photographer .
Lantern Street is the characteristic of Hoian Ancient Town every night. Every evening, all the streets of the ancient town of Hoian will glow with rows of lanterns with beautiful colors. Hoai River is associated with the life, culture and the tourism development of Hoian, a characteristic of Hoian. Hoai River at night shimmering with small boats and a lot of lanterns are lit. A truly shimmering scenery will appear on this river every night. Hoi An family photos are often recorded at these locations. Hoian was not that big, so the small alleys were a few more parts. It could be a narrow, zigzag path between two major roads, or a quiet, quiet alley. Someone once said, the small alleys are the witnesses and storytellers of each land. They retain the beauty and private life of the local, sometimes possessing the idyllic and somewhat shy beauty. The small alleys always bring a sense of tranquility and peace in Hoian. Hoian is also known for small alleys, ancient cafes, very typical dishes, …These images have been recorded by hoian photographer.

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