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A beautiful sunny morning in Hoi An with this extremely lovely family, they came from Hong Kong, a city with a densely populated area, they were surprised by the peaceful old town of Hoi An. They came to us – photographer in Vietnam to record pictures of their families. We had a morning great with funny pictures of family.

Vietnam is a country with many wild natural landscapes, with a long coastline, from the green terraced fields in Sapa to the golden sand beaches in Da Nang, … which has attracted millions of international visitors. to visit. Outstanding in the Central tourist route, Hoi An ancient town as a rustic, simple and poetic picture. Whether day or night, Hoi An tourism still carries in itself various attractive charms.

Beautiful scenes in Hoi An

  • Speaking of Hoi An is to mention Covered Bridge. Japanese Covered Bridge is the jewel in the heart of Hoi An. The bridge was built in the late 16th century and is called the Japan Bridge. In the middle of the bridge is a small temple to worship Huyen Thien Dai De. The bridge has a quite unique roof with decorative structures and patterns showing a harmonious combination between Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Western architectural styles. The image of the temple is a source of inspiration for photographer in Vietnam.
  • Confetti both provides shade and is a typical decoration feature of the ancient town of Hoi An, the paper flower rigs also contribute to the splendor and flexibility of this old town. And when they combined with the deep saffron yellow of the walls, it seemed even more dazzling.
  • The old and somewhat crumbling wall is located on Hoang Van Thu Street. Its charm comes from the mossy walls, arranged in front and back easily creating depth for the image. The old wall edges bring nostalgic, “thorny” but also full of emotion for every picture taken. All are recorded by the hands of photographer in Vietnam.

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