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The Shavani family is from India. They come to Hoi An to travel. And they look for Vietnam photographer to make sets for their families. They said they enjoyed taking photos in Hoi An. We had a fun day taking photos. That day was also the birthday of the little girl in the photo.

Birthday party is one of the important events of a person in a year. Therefore, on this day, everyone wants to create beautiful memories and meet their relatives. Celebrating birthdays in spacious, beautiful spaces is a popular choice on this big day.

Vietnam photographer introduces the location for your birthday party in Hoi An

The Restaurant at The Nam Hai Hoi An

The Restaurant is a famous restaurant in The Nam Hai Resort. Restaurant space is designed spaciously, sophisticatedly and has a combination of traditional and modern Asia. And talented chef Richard Wilson has cooked the dishes here with fresh, clean ingredients. Diverse menu from Asian, European, Vietnamese, seafood dishes, …So, what could be better than celebrating birthday in this dreamy space? Vietnam photographer will help you to save these images.

Orivy restaurant

Customers love the gentle, quiet and cozy space of the restaurant. The dishes here are Asian, the Central specialties. And the restaurant is designed as a small garden with murmuring streams, green trees, … And Vietnam photographer says this is an ideal choice for customers who want to celebrate birthdays.

Green Mango restaurant

Green Mango restaurant brings quiet and dreamlike style to customers. Coming to Green Mango, you will immediately feel like you are at your beloved home because of the beautiful and familiar architecture. Here, there is always a list of exquisite dishes, diverse wines, delicious coffee. A gentle, happy birthday party will be great if you choose this restaurant as the address to stop. And ask Vietnamese photographer to capture moments with family and friends.

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